Thursday, 30 September 2010

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

{butterfly pattern3}

more butterfly inspired pattern :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Monday, 27 September 2010

{butterfly pattern1}

its gonna be a butterfly week :)
will celebrate it in every color n' combination  

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


a badge of this is right there on the right side of the blog, 
pls feel free to copy it and use it in ur blog or any other place,
 if u share sympathy towards our dear plant earth
lets spread the love♥  

Thursday, 9 September 2010


getting ready for October 6th, 
{pink} as usual :D 

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

commissioned piece

one lucky palm tree, made its way to a series of heritage illustrated books!
cant wait to see the final publication!

to make it up for this commissioned piece i created a new series of palm trees :)
more details on {COLLECTION} page.

{Eid - pattern}

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

{Eid Mubarak}

{eid mubarak}
 to my family, friends and my good followers :)

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