Sunday, 20 November 2011

SIBF 2011

this is probably my healthiest pattern ever
lots of fruits, vegetables and greens:)

if you are in town, you can check this 6*6 meter 
pattern, {an adaption of my fruits collection released early June this year} its @kalimat stand children area Hall 4.

and dont forget to grab a book or tow, lots of goodies ;) 

{Waiting for the Rain}

my sketch book and i are just waiting!

Friday, 11 November 2011

CAROLINE60 stole my artwork

it really upset me in every possible way 

my apple pattern thief is from Guyancourt, France . 
her name is CAROLINE and she keep a site named LE SCAP DE CAROLINE60 
where she manage workshops for scrapbooks probably all on stolen art martial and she makes money with that.  feeding on others hard work and creativity

i left her a comment, she read and deleted it instead of feeling a shamed and deleted her entire post, who scared thief usually do.... SHAMELESS 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

{stolen work}

i was reading a great tutorial on Planet June for how to track down creditless photo sources {here}

and i thought i can try this as well and search for one of my images and see where it is! or if it had been hosted somewhere! 

and here it its { stolen , used , and abused } :(

some one stole it and easily claimed it was found on pintrest 

when every thing is linked to the source!

check the link below and please leave a nasty comment !!

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