Friday, 11 November 2011

CAROLINE60 stole my artwork

it really upset me in every possible way 

my apple pattern thief is from Guyancourt, France . 
her name is CAROLINE and she keep a site named LE SCAP DE CAROLINE60 
where she manage workshops for scrapbooks probably all on stolen art martial and she makes money with that.  feeding on others hard work and creativity

i left her a comment, she read and deleted it instead of feeling a shamed and deleted her entire post, who scared thief usually do.... SHAMELESS 


  1. Bonsoir,
    Je comprends ce que tu peux ressentir... Je t'invite à aller sur le blog de mon amie Susan :
    gros bisous

  2. This is terrible. I feel sorry for you. The internet is a place where you can have a voice. I urge you to post photos to back up your claim. People will come to read it. It's important to really speak up, SHOUT actually, when these types of thieves steal what is not theirs.

  3. thank you dear martine and susan for ur support
    my good friends on twitter are spreading the word as well :) i will post the photos, thanx for the advice, you know susan in ur case at least they make some effort and DRAW the painting back but in my case it was as easy as pressing "save + print".
    can u actually believe that she wrote me yesterday without any apology, telling me its stupid of my said to do this ??? can u believe it? she said she used it for herself and her family only !!! as if it is ok to do that without my permission as if i make it for free share?!!! no apology no feeling sorry no withdrawing her post, and then she told me i should be afraid of her? can u believe it?! but then again what do i expect from some one like her?

  4. she stole my exact work print it and cut it and used it and it wasnt that she got inspired my the colors or the shapes and did something kind of similar she used it exactually and then encouraged others which i already found in another french blog did the same with reference from caroline60 blog and OMG she still dont think she did some thing wrong! uh i believe in CARMA and it will hunt her!

  5. I'm sorry you experienced this situation. But what goes around comes around and I'm glad you are not silent about this.


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