Sunday, 20 November 2011

SIBF 2011

this is probably my healthiest pattern ever
lots of fruits, vegetables and greens:)

if you are in town, you can check this 6*6 meter 
pattern, {an adaption of my fruits collection released early June this year} its @kalimat stand children area Hall 4.

and dont forget to grab a book or tow, lots of goodies ;) 


  1. Beautiful, just great!!!!

    Would love to go and see the real thing.

  2. Great work, how would like visiting us and making art out of the walls of our home?

    Walla seriously would be great, if you have any plans to visit Amman we would agree on this project! :)

  3. @mamoon, thaaanx alot, pls do:)
    @khalid, i would love too. karomi's room will be such a cool project :)
    @atta, ohhh how i miss u & miss having u around ;(

  4. Alright Nadia, now you have two reasons to come to Amman, first to do the art project in our home, second to take Atta with you, 7alal 3lech msam7ich beeha dinya o akhra!

  5. khalid i THINK you are in trouble! i just published that :D

  6. I think I just noticed that my KJ is commenting in here and yes, he is in a big trouble .. but i like the idea of Nadia visiting :)

  7. awww!! Great :D keep going <3


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