Saturday, 26 September 2009

Jolly good FISHES

Finally I can have some time for myself to do what I like the most,
Sketch down some delightful ideas and then have more fun
by putting down some colors and this time I was really exploring
 pattern possibilities and it’s really fun,
Gathering elements and putting them all in one layout.
Would love to do more patterns and will try to steal and hour or two.

For now enjoy my jolly good looking fishes ;-)


  1. :)

    This collection is unbelievably cute.

    you're making make fall in love with every single work! is that alright? :S

  2. I just noticed the jellyfish!


    this is so not healthy, I need to study Nadia! I'm craving to engrave these sketches to make ceramic tiles.

  3. Just notice the jelly fish? :0
    Click on the image to view perfectly,

    And it might be very healthy,
    it gives ur brain the break it needs . wandering around arttray
    Getting silly and colored :)


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