Friday, 2 October 2009

{my sketch book}

my sketch book is full materials and subjects.
I wish I have the time to turn them all into a colorful delight
Each to have its chance to tell the story of an inspiration,
But for now I thought I can share those pages off my sketch book as they are,
Simple strokes of a pen.


Design © art tray


  1. yay is that a new sketch book?!
    I like the trees and the one with leaves move than anything else!

    btw today I went to my atelier and before I leave I took the moon thing I made for Danno but forgot the charger and went back to fetch it and forgot the moon. anyways, will go again this evening or tomorrow inshalla, do you you want me to colour your letters? what colours? I think i should be calling you :D

  2. just the old one with new work.. :)
    will email u tonight♥

    can u do {S} and {T} like a5 size?? s white and t red.. pleeeease!

  3. wow I like your style...:D
    if given a soft brown background again prefer

  4. Luv 'em!!
    keep up the good job Nadia!

    Regards from Sugar Wheel


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