Saturday, 13 February 2010

{Happy Valentine}

If only we get to celebrate all the love and blessings we have in our
life each day...It can be PARTY all year long :)
Am grateful for it all,
The love of my life Mom, D & T


  1. Gorgeous heart!
    Could I post it also for tomorrow on my blog???

    and i´m sorry, i´ll add the english version on my blog as well...!

  2. Hi!
    Your work is very, veri, very fantastic!
    (i'm sorry for my english... it's terrible! :))

    Brava! Molto belli!


  3., ur the best :)

    Ila, you made my day by ur sweet comment :))
    thanx for passing by and please do come again whenever you feel like jumping in a world of crazy bright colors ;D

    " my spanshi is terrible too :)"


  4. Nadia, je viens de parcourir ton blog. J'aime, je suis fascinée. Tout comme toi j'ai un besoin irrésistible de mettre de la couleur. Notre travail est totalement différent mais j'ai un immense plaisir à parcourir chacune de tes oeuvres. Félicitations et je te dis à très bientôt,
    With a bad english : I'm just glanced through your blog. I love,i'm captivated. Like you i need to paint with colors. Our work is totally different but i'm a great pleasure to see each of your paintings. Congratulations and i hope to see you sooner,


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