Friday, 16 April 2010

{corporate identity}

I always loved creating corporate identity to a new establishing businesses or developing a new identity to an existing company! Its was the fun part of my job when I take a break from all the headache accompanying graphic design, And it was always great to drive down the street and the car next to me in the traffic signal carry that logo i created or to see it on the sign of a huge construction site! I thought creating my own brand – or identity will be a tough thing to do, but it a actually wasn’t 5 minutes and I decided which color I like and how its going to be!

I hope u like the blue and pink combination :) !


  1. Hi, i imagine you must be proud and satisfied when you see your art in the street...
    And i can tell you, you can because your style is very nice...

  2. Love it :)

    You're colourful work puts a smile on my face. It could be a prescribed cure to be presented everywhere :D


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