Thursday, 1 July 2010


good news { قاموسي المدرسي  } {my school dictionary } is in stores now, featuring my {typography} of  Arabic alphabet 

This dictionary has been composed based on a selection of words taken from basic schools in a number of Arab countries. The words are classified according to alphabetical order and not according to the standard method applied in Arab dictionaries, namely according to the third and fourth derivatives of a word. The content of the dictionary has been designed specifically to meet the needs of a child during the early years, and will help improve the linguistic comprehension of a child both at school and at home.

and you can order online at {waterstones & amazon} 
try the links  waterstones &  amazon

and for more of KALIMAT publishing books visit them on

enjoy :)

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  1. yaaaaaay
    lovely to see them printed. I can't wait to see the book. Thanks for sharing. All the best dear :)


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